About Urban Nest

African American Living and Style


Urban Nest Magazine has a mission—and that mission is to inform and enlighten people while uplifting the human spirit.

Urban Nest Magazine was created to capture the spirit and vitality of African American homes and their owners.  Whether these experiences are exemplified in the begonias and impatiens that grace the gardens of our grandmothers, the afro-centric style points of an urban condominium, the quaint vistas of a secluded home overlooking a lake in the Midwest or an elegant Victorian home in the deep South—our homes illustrate the character and versatility that we bring to our environments.

Urban Nest will continue to focus on home lifestyles, architectural and interior design, home furnishings, art and collectibles, home construction, home financing, remodeling and renovation, do-it-yourself projects, gardening, historic preservation, and the many products and services related to the home and homeowner.  We will continue to present a cross section of homes including single-family homes, estate homes, townhouses, lofts, condominiums, and apartments.

Urban Nest has responded to what we believe is our reader’s need to have a venue to showcase the dynamic perspectives and experiences of African Americans in their living space.

Up lifting the human spirit and celebrating our heritage with style!


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